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queer eyes and green my world

4 July
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My name is Emily. I like quiet boys,music, trying to appear to be optomistic all the time is hard. because i am not a happy person. I just really want to be one, photography, films, hair bows, conan o'Brien, the color green, reading, religions, DDR, Life as a house,the rain in the summer, forgetting the bad, walking instead of riding, oats, n' honey, fortune cookies, wood art and whirligigs, making clothes and presents for people, being nice when I don't want to be, quotes from the wise, Old fashion Clothes, going on picnics in sundresses, writing crappy poetry, waiting till the last minute, the sky, cutting my hair without permission, the song Creep by Radiohead, painting,jewlery, Sam from the movie Benny and Joon, Neil Armstrong, argyle socks, wearing no shoes, skin art, and that boy at school, whose name i don't know. I hate whoever invented the word screamo...Anyone can IM me at shecriedliar223

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