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so today is my 4th day.
I get my phone back at midnight tonight.
i don't know where amelia is.
i don't know where chris is.

no one knows anything

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I forgive you for being mean to me and stuff. I understand what you were saying.
just remember that me and chris are your friends and we wouldn't talk about you and make you feel bad
I love you too.

we need to hang out sometime cause I miss you


so I have been grounded for 3 days.
One more day to go.
I finally talked to amelia today
daniel isn't mad anymore
everything is going good.
i have the coolest bruises on my arm, from where my mom hit me.
I will have to show you thursday

I am trying to be optomistic.
but its hard.

aren't you tired of this teenage angst.


chris came over today, he finally got his perment.
then he left, and I talk to amelia.
I can't do anything today.

I realized yesterday that I don't feel any emotions.
like I'm numb

the alexander family, yeaaa

I hate livejournal. but I still write in it.
I ran away to paige's. dyed her hair, cut my own.
then I came home
and left again to her dads house one hour away, on a farm.
came back this morning.
went to the mall, wild oats, taco bell with amelia chris and issac.
I liked being at paige's dads house, because its in the middle of nowhere, and we went to some random field and screamed. its good to scream especially in a field where nobody will ever hear you.
boys confuse me so much.
the real world premires tonight, fo so'
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    babe I'm gonna leave you

how does water have a smell...

I wasn't able to see amelia or christopher today.
I couldn't go to the mall
or pangea
or wild oats
instead, I went to cats music in cool springs with my older brother and bought incense.
tomorrow will be better.
daniel is comming to chris's.
concert with amelia, and hopefully I can spend the night at her house.
yea I am optomistic about the future.

thru the needle, I felt

So I woke uo, early.
and got ready to go have my wisdom teeth out, which is surgery cause they give you sleepy medicine through a needle.
and I felt so good, and tired.
and I am talking to amelia, and I also talked to chris today
everyone is making me feel good.
my mom bought me some amazing hot pink flowers, and paige came to visit.
tomorrow me and amelia and chris are gonna watch movies
they both got me presents.
now don't I feel special.


so yesterday after I got home from amelia's, I realized that I can't not be with her, we are addicted to each other. sad but true. so we hung out with chris for a little and then she spent the night at my house, which i didn't think would happen cause my mom is pretty strict with what I can and can't do. then today me and amelia went for coffee and then walked to the mall where we stalked people, OMG I am people watching like chris and amelia.
then we walked to wild oats
then borders, to meet her dad.
she is at the mae and the academy is concert
I miss her. haha