June 29th, 2005


so I have been grounded for 3 days.
One more day to go.
I finally talked to amelia today
daniel isn't mad anymore
everything is going good.
i have the coolest bruises on my arm, from where my mom hit me.
I will have to show you thursday

I am trying to be optomistic.
but its hard.

aren't you tired of this teenage angst.

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I forgive you for being mean to me and stuff. I understand what you were saying.
just remember that me and chris are your friends and we wouldn't talk about you and make you feel bad
I love you too.

we need to hang out sometime cause I miss you

(no subject)

so today is my 4th day.
I get my phone back at midnight tonight.
i don't know where amelia is.
i don't know where chris is.

no one knows anything