June 9th, 2005

people watching, again

my mom dropped me off at amelia's house yesterday where we went to the mall, the movies( to get tickets) borders( where we met chris) wolfgang express, starbucks, movies( to get chris's ticket), borders, starbucks, the mall, wild oats, and finally at 10 to see the movie.
the sisterhood of the traveling pants is the best movie ever
after the movies chris and I stole money from the big fountain outside of the movies, which we didn't know was for some children foundation.
then at 12 o clock we walked to some resteraunt to wait for amelia's dad to pick us up.
so we all spent the night at amelia's house, me chris and her.
and we watched the incredibly adventure of two girls in love, aka the lesbian movie.
currently I am still at amelia's