June 7th, 2005

it took... two hours. but it seems a lifetime ago

I couldn't spend the night at amelia's so I made other plans today.
I went to chris's and we walked to the trolly stop, and told the lady to drop us off at the movies( 10 min. away from chris's house)
2 hours later...
after riding around all over franklin and cool springs finally we got dropped off and walked all the way to moe's to get burritos.
I ate so much, god I am such a hungry person. good thing I haven't gained weight since summer started, acctually I have lost weight.
After we ate my mom picked me up and here I sit.
I think I am going to amelia's house tomorrow to spend the night, and watch lords of dog town at the movies really late at night.
I need to do something, I am not use to sitting at home
daniel is making me a painting :)
nashville friday, yes sir
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    not as lonely as I use to be