June 2nd, 2005

wild wild wild wild wild wild wild..

today was unique amoung other things. I went to nashville with Ameila where we walked to Pangea( which is an amazing store), Fido( coffee place), Dragon park( which I am now obcessed with) and we also walked accross the city to her voice lessons.
After we were done there we went to cool springs, the mall( where we basically stalked these two boys), wild oats( where we talked to this halarious gay boy named Ken, who told us about the festivile and other fun things to do in nashville),and planet Xchange, where I got one new shirt.
Dragon park is a great place, I swere It will make you feel like a kid again.We took a lot of pictures there and played on the mosaic dragon statue.
So my feet are really tired cause I have walked everywhere since school let out. I think I will not go anywhere tomorrow so I can let myself relax, and maybe finally bake those cookies.