June 1st, 2005

comment whore game

so much happened today. chris and I walked from harpeth antique to kroger, from kroger to Kristy's, from there to taco bell. and then we went to cool springs, plato's closet, target, wild oats, the mall.
we talked, and laughed, and went money crazy, and boywatched. I love chris.
My mom went crazy tonight, and called me little bitch, I don't know why.
I am dyeing my hair( semi permenently) tourquoise blue, I love it.
I want to be called Emily sue from now on, I like that name better.
Please don't kill the freshmen is an amazing book.
daniel is wonka boy
chris is Linnux show(spelling)
and I am the main character.
I feel like listening to sad music, and crying.
funny how life is, one min you are perfectly content with everything, and the next you just want to run away.
oh and I saw sarah today!!!

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so amelia went to the bright eyes concert.
which of course my mom wouldn't let me go too. Amelia said that connor oberst is just a stupid drunk in real life, she is sad about that cause he seems so intresting and stuff when you listen to his music.
I am hanging out with her tomorrow, I was suppose to hang out with daniel, but he signed off of Aim before I could tell him that I could hang out.