May 30th, 2005

i don't want to wake

tomorrow I have many plans.

-go to amelia's( rainbow) house and play with her new kitten
- hang out with her and haley
-wild oats and cool springs
- hopefully another late day swim with paige
-baking cookies
now lets see what I acctually end up doing tomorrow

i still haven't baked those cookies

today I did a whole lot. I went over to amelia's house to hang out with her and haley for about an hour, and then amelia's dad drove us to the mall. From there we walked to wild oats and target. Then amelia decided that she wanted to buy toys for her kitten, so we crossed the interstate on this giant bridge thing to get to petsmart, and then we went back cause it was too far of a walk. Then we walked to borders, starbucks and other places in that area. and then we decided we wanted to go back to the mall. so we walked back and then my mom came to pick me up. I got two new necklaces and a candy necklace. i feel like swimming, but I have no one to go with me so I am stuck in the house. I still haven't baked those cookies.