May 4th, 2005

ok . I'll grow up

think its that time in my life where I need to learn how to grow up. I know its sad but it must come eventually. It is fun being me though, going on picnics, running around. But my weekends mostly consist of me hanging out with random kids that live in my neiborhood. This may sound mean of me to say because its not like I am an adult or anything.
So this weekend will be different. On Sat. I will be going to a party with chris and mary and people. The party is just at some random guy'y house. He is going to have a projector and we are going to watch a movie somewhere near him house. Kinda a mix between a field party and just a movie hangout thing.
I need new clothes, mostly cause my mom won't let me wear anything I own right now cause its all by her definiton " too weird". haha i don't consider a rainbow dress weird, but thats just me.
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