April 20th, 2005

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So, Datura told me to make this thing all pretty like a long time ago. I just now got around to it.
Here is some stuff about me, if you care to read.
they call her: emily

Nickname: emily the rad, scarlet the rad, emmy


Gender: Female

Birthplace: somewhere near washington D.C

Birthstone: Ruby

always remember: the small details

Sign: cancer

Righty or Lefty: righty

Screenname: shecriedliar223, ihateyourhat

** your looks **

Height: 5'5

Shoe size: 8-9

Hair Color: light brownish

Hair Length: short, I like it short and curly

Eye Color: green

Glasses: no

Braces: 6th grade

Piercings: ears

Tattoos: no( i want them though, on my hands, Like flowers and vines or something)

** fashion **

Where do you shop: random shops, cheap clothes

What do you usually wear: sweater, tshirt, jeans, jewlery

What kind of shoes do you wear: those white things, converse

Do you wear a watch: never, i always ask what time it it

Color you never wear:i like all colors

Color you wear at least once a week: black, green, brown

Something you wear everyday: purse with tied on scarf

Most cherished piece of clothing: the purse or that shirt I made on Halloween

You wouldn't be caught dead wearing: I'd wear anything

Do you wear belts: no

Do you wear hats: NEVER

How many pairs of shoes do you have: about 10
** music **

Favorite kind of music: 90s rock and um Indie Rock and some old stuff.

Least Favorite: i like all music, cause without genres we would all be the same

How many CD's do you have: lots of burned cds

Last CD you bought:pink spiders

Whats in your CD player right now: Damien Rice

Do you download music: yes

** Favorites **

Color: GREEn, brown

Number: 07

Season:autumn and Spring

Ice cream: vanilla, nothing on it

Website: myspace or GJ

Quote: Even on the way to Hell, flowers can make you smile.
Live now, there is plenty of time to be dead

Store: Flashback

Band: Damien rice, Kings of Leon, The Beatles, Nirvana, Radiohead, Guns and Roses

Singer: Damien Rice

Rapper: DMX- cause x is gonna give it to you

Group: The Beatles

Song: Patience- Guns and Roses. High and Fry- radiohead

Movie:Life as a house

Actor: Johnny Depp

Actress: Christina Ricci

Kind of movies: movies that make you feel infinite

Place to be: Anywhere as long as I am Happy

Time of day: late at night or early in the morning

Clothing Brand:I don't know

Animal: moose, and cats

Food: soup

Holiday: Halloween or Christmas

Shape: clover

Restaraunt: McCallister, where I use to go everyday

Fast food place: Taco Bell or Subway

Boy's name: Damien or Damman

Girl's name: Nadine

Word: kismet

Month: May

Candy: bubbalicious- or however u spell it

** love and relationships **

Sexual Preference: straight

Boyfriend or Girlfriend: no

Crush: yesyesyes

Do you believe in love at first sight: yes

What do you look for in a guy/girl: if they are quiet, which I like. If they are happy, and if they can make you feel safe

Best physical feature: hair, eyes

Best hair color: i don't care

Best eye color: deep eyes.

** randoms **

What color is your tooth brush: purple

What's on your desktop:lamp and a bottle of H2O

Do you like roller coaster: no

Do you do drugs: no

Are you a virgin: yes

Do you have any pets: dog, fish

What time do you go to sleep: 10-11

Still need a Halloween Costume? no

Have You Ever?

Have you ever hit someone forcefully? yes

Have you ever been in a fist fight? i don't know

Have you ever laughed so hard you cried? yes

Have you ever hit an animal on the road? no

Have you ever seen a Beatles film? ya well music videos and stuff

Have you ever cussed? yes

Have you ever been on a subway? no

Have you ever taught a little kid to cuss? yes

Have you ever cheated on a test/exam? yes

Have you ever skipped school? no

Have you ever egged someones house? no

Have you ever gotten a computer virus? yes

Have you ever cried for no reason at all? yes

Have you ever missed someone? yes, I miss him now

What is your stand on.....

Abortion? I think it is ok, but only for certain reasons

Death Penalty? yes, so sad though

Prostitution? yes

Alcohol? yes

Marijuana? yes

Other drugs? yes

Gay marriage? yes

Illegal immigrants? no, make it over leagally

Smoking? yes

Drunk driving? no, don't be imature with stuff

Cloning? wtf?

Racism? no, I am politically correct, or at least I try to be..

Premarital sex? do whatever you want, unless your religion tells you not to

Religion? agnostic, look it up

The war in Iraq? i don't care very much about it

Bush? i don't care

Downloading music? yes

The legal drinking age? i don't care, make your own decisions

Porn? sure

Suicide? do what you want, just think about things

Ultimate Opposite Sex Survey

--Your Favorite--

Hair Color: i don't care

Eye Color: dark

(Their)Music Genre Preference: rock

height- taller than me

Age: a little older than me, or my age

Personality Type: shy or creative

--This or That--

Older or Younger: younger

Romantic or Horndog: romantic

Smart or Stupid: smart

Fat or Skinny: skinny

Skinny but Muscular or Big and Muscular: skinny but muscular

Punk or Preppy: i don't care

The Big Picture or the Little Things: little things

Mixtape or Burned CD: mixed tapes- perks..

Love or Lust: love

Emotional or Just Not: emotional

Sincere or Jokester: sincere

Hott and mean or Ugly and sweet: ugly and sweet

Sexy or Just "cute": cute

Arse or breasteses: um i normally don't look at guys asses or boobs

Hair or Hands: hair and hands

Dimples or Eyes: eyes

Teeth or Nose: nose

Rugged or Prim and Proper: rugged

Country or City: city

Date alone or With Friends: date alone
here are some pics of me.

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